WRUS #51 - Molly Kubes

WRUS #51 Michael was joined by Entrepreneur and Yogi, Molly Kubes. On this episode, the two discussed how not to "play the victim", the importance of making conscious choices, and finding inner peace. for more on Molly check her out on Instagram at @Yoga.With.Molly or like her Facebook page and at Facebook.com/MollyKubes!

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WRUS #50 - Mike Destro

On episode #50 of the Wut R U Sayin? Podcast, Michael is joined by Hamilton, Ontario Entrepreneur Mike Destro. They discussed digital currencies, What it takes to become an entrepreneur and how to save your money. For more on Mike Destro check him out on all social media platforms @destroma 

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WRUS #49 - The Dope Chief

On episode #49 of the Wut R U Sayin? Podcast, Michael is joined by Hamilton, Ontario artist The Dope Chief. The artist shared his backstory and the inspiration behind his art. The two also discussed the importance of patience, consistency, and being talented versus working hard. Check out his work @TheDopeChief on all social media platforms!!!

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WRUS #48 - Lukas Ciotti

On episode #47 Michael is joined by Cannabis Advocate Lukas Ciotti. They discussed the positives and negatives of cannabis, different strains, and how specific strains can help enhance your daily workout. For more on Lukas check him out on Instagram @lukvscixtti!!!


WRUS #47 - Anthony DiDomenico

On episode #47 of The Wut R U Sayin? Podcast Michael was joined by his good friend and co-founder of YogaFest, One New Era and iHELP Entertainment Anthony DiDomenico. Michael and Anthony discussed a variety of topics, including Entrepreneurial mind-set, taking big risks in business to receive big rewards, and doing what you love on a daily basis. For more on Anthony's journey be sure to check him out on social media at @AnthonyDiDomenico, or visit: http://YogaFest.org, http://OneNewEra.com, and http://iHelpEntertainment.com

WRUS #46 - Zack Bondo & Evan Thompson

On Episode #46 of the Wut R U Sayin? Podcast Michael is joined by float facilitators Zack Bondo & Evan Thompson of ZeeFloat, Hamilton. The duo discussed the importance of form when meditating, the benefits of floating, and the value of implementing meditation into your daily routine. You can find more information on Zack and Evan by following them at @ZachBondo @EvanThompson on all social platforms, or visit http://www.Zeefloat.com!!!

WRUS #45 - Amanda Pope

On Episode #45 of the Wut R U Sayin? Podcast Michael is joined by Entrepreneur Amanda Pope. Amanda is the Founder and CEO of "Living With a Purpose Senior Care". The Hamilton-born entrepreneur is also the host of "Generation Z", a talk show that interviews young entrepreneurs on Cable 14. Amanda is also currently studying journalism at Ryerson University. On Episode 45, Michael and Amanda discussed a variety of topics, including hustling, the importance of taking action, stepping outside your comfort zone, and having a work life balance. Check out more about armada on all social media @AmandaPope and http://www.livingwithpurpose.ca!!!

WRUS #44 - Dre Pao

On Episode #44 of the Wut R U Sayin? Podcast Michael is joined by Songwriter Dre Pao! Dre stopped by to discuss his new single “Withoutchya” — now available on all music platforms (Watch the video on YouTube & Facebook). Dre and Michael discussed a variety of topics, including how to build and sustain successful business relationships, different ways to create original content, and how to mange your time properly as a entrepreneur. For more on Dre Pao check out his website www.drepaomusic.com and Dre Pao on all social media. 

WRUS #43 - Saverina Scozzari

On Episode #43 of the Wut R U Sayin? Podcast, Michael is joined by Saverina Scozzari who is a entertainment blogger and Host/Producer of “Whats Happening Hamilton”, which airs on Cable 14. Michael and Saverina discussed a variety of topics, including specializing in your craft, following your dreams at a young age, and trying your best in every situation. For more information on Saverina, follow her on Instagram and Facebook @SaverinaScozzari. You can also view her blog at: http://www.thesscollective.com

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WRUS #42 - Mehvon

WRUS #42 — Michael is joined by Hamilton, Ontario artist Mehvon. On this episode, Michael and Mehvon discuss living out your passion, the “what if” factor, the need for an updated education system, and more! Check out @Mehvon on Instagram and on soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/search?q=mehvon

WRUS #41 - Jeff Pellizzari

WRUS #41 Michael is joined by his long time friend Jeff Pellizzari who works at a fortune 500 company and is the creator and manger of @DualSportCanada which is one of the largest Instagram accounts in Canada that focuses on Dual Sport bikes. They discussed living out your passion, what success means to them, being an entrepreneur within a company and more. For more on Jeff you can check him on all social media as @JeffPellizzari and check out@DualSportCanada on Instagram!!!


WRUS #40 - Brüha

On Episode #40 of the WRUS Podcast Michael had the pleasure of connecting again with the members of the Brüha team Co-Founder/Marketing Director Kristian Borghesan & Co-Founder/Art Director Ryan O’Neill. On their return to the WRUS Podcast they discussed the latest version Brüha 2.0 which is being released on April 24th, Hamilton and how it is one of the best cities to live in North America, the best/ worst parts of being apart of a start up and many other topics. The Brüha app can be downloaded  on iTunes. Check them out at www.bruha.com, Brüha on Facebook and @bruhaexclusive on instagram/ twitter.

WRUS #38 - Dr. Renata Taravski

Michael was joined by Doctor Renata Taravski who is a Naturopathic Doctor/Life Coach. On this episode of the podcast they discussed tips on how to find out the diet that fits you and your lifestyle and how to sustain it. The importance of nutrition for mental health, what supplements the average person should be using and many more tips on overall health. For more information on Dr Renata check her out at www.doctorrenata.com , Dr. Renata on Facebook & @renatataravski on Instagram and Twitter!!!

WRUS #37 - Madeline Foley

Michael was joined by Madeline Foley. Madeline is an Actress based out of Toronto, Canada. In addition to her acting career she is also a graduate of the University of Toronto majoring in sociology and political science.  On this episode they discussed stigma around mental health, how peoples perception can affect you, and the day to day struggle of being a working actress as well as many more topics. Madeline is apart of a web series called “Allie & Lara Make a Horror Movie” the trailer is now up on youtube!!! for more information regarding Madeline be sure to check her out on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter as @Madeline Foley.

WRUS #36 - Farhad Gucci

Michael was joined by Farhad Guccii who is the Marketing Manager for INK Entertainment. They spoke about success in business, being entrepreneurial within a company, taking risks and many other interesting topics. On Monday March 6th INK is hosting a fundraiser in memory of Krik Wilson at Rebel nightclub tickets are $25 and can be purchased at www.inkentertainment.com 100% of proceeds will be donated to Kirks Family. Check out Frahad @farhadgucci on Instagram and twitter.

WRUS #35 - Dr. Carlen

Michael was joined by the lovely Dr. Carlen. They spoke about bonedage, porn, online dating and she gave her top 5 tips for couples on how to spice up their relationship. For more info on Dr. Carlen visit www.DrCarlen.com, or visit her blog at www.SexWithDrCarlen.com! You can also follow her on all social media platforms @DrCarlen or Facebook.com/DrCarlen !


WRUS #34 - Matthew Bowler, Evan Thompson, Jay Ziebarth & Darren Steiner

Michael was joined by Kambo Practitioner Matthew Bowler, Float specialist Evan Thompson, Owner of Zee Float Jay Ziebarth & soon to be owner of community juice lounge Darren Steiner. They talked the benefits of psychedelic drugs, meditation/ floating and other natural remedies. Check out Kambo Canada www.kambocanada.com & Zee float www.zeefloat.com!!!

WRUS #33 - Dana Abraham & Michael D'ercole

Michael was joined by Actor/ writer Dana Abraham and executive producer Michael D’ercole. They talk about there upcoming film retribution which Dana wrote and will lead act/ direct, they also talked American politics, upcoming Super Bowl and what its like to be an up and coming actor in todays world. Follow Dana & Michael on Instagram Dana.abarham/ Michael.dercole.

WRUS #32 - Talli Osborne

WRUS talks with motivational speaker Talli Osborne! Talli is a strong advocate for anti-bullying, equality, and body positivism who has travelled around the country speaking! In the past she has worked with the Government of Canada and companies such as the CBC and Virgin Mobile! Check out her incredible talk on the TedX Youtube channel! Talli is also a talented punk-rock singer who has played notable venues in Toronto such as the Kool Haus and The Bovine! She has also opened numerous times for punk-rock legends NOFX! Keep up to date with Talli by visiting www.TalliOsborne.com or follow her on Twitter & Instagram at @Nubs416! If you are in the Hamilton area, check out Talli speaking at the First Unitarian Church of Hamilton on January 29, 2017 — The event runs from 10:30am to 12pm!