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WRUS #62 - Anthony Didomenico & Daniel Dinizo

WRUS #62 Michael is joined by his good friends and co-founders of YogaFest, Anthony DiDomenico & Daniel Dinizo. For more on the pair follow their journey @anthonydidomenico ,@_danzen on Instagram & be sure to checkout!!!

WRUS #60 - Dana Abraham & Michael D'Ercole

WRUS #60 Michael is joined by Canadian born Actor/ Director Dana Abraham & Executive Producer/ UofT Business Masters Student Michael D’ercole. For more information on their journeys, follow them on Instagram @dana.abraham & @michael.dercole!!!

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WRUS #59 - Brock Hewitt & Chromak

WRUS #59 Michael is joined by Producer/ Songwriter Chromak & Film Composer & Songwriter Brock Hewitt. On this episode the group discussed the making of their single “Voodoo”, the stigma that is associated with being a musician, and why you don’t have to follow your passion to love what you do. For more on Brock follow him @brockhewittstories on Instagram or 'Brock Hewitt' on all other social media. Be sure to also follow @chromak on all social platforms!!!


WRUS #58 - Daniel Dinizo

WRUS #58 Michael is joined by his good friend Daniel Dinizo, the Co-founder of YogaFest and Product development manager at Element5 co. On this episode they discussed the importance of doing what you enjoy, navigating through the education system, & more! for more on Daniel follow him on Instagram @_danzen, and be sure to check out YogaFest by visiting and @yogafestofficial on social media.

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WRUS #57 - Pat Greenall

WRUS #57 Michael is joined by Freelance Videographer Pat Greenall. On this episode they discussed how Pat got started on this path, the importance of listening to yourself and more! For more on Pat follow his Instagram @Patgreenall! 

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WRUS #56 - Jack Densmore

WRUS #56 Michael is joined by YouTuber Jack Densmore. On this episode, the two discussed Jack's YouTube channel "Life of Jack", street interviews in Hamilton, and a variety of hilarious topics! For more on Jack, check out his YouTube channel "Life Of Jack", or follow his Instagram @jdenmo!!!

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WRUS #55 - Emily Marques

WRUS #55 Michael is joined by Artist/Yoga instructor Emily Marques. This episode features discussions about Astrology, human habits, and a conversation about Emily's new single "Voodoo", produced by Chromak and featuring Fokus. For more information on Emilys journey follow her on Instagram at@_emily_marques or add "Emily Marques" on Facebook!!!

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WRUS #54 - Dave Filice

WRUS #54 Michael is joined by personal trainer & owner of Full Motion Performance & Recovery, Dave Filice. On this episode, they discussed being patient and consistent with working out, proper eating habits & more. For more on Dave follow him @DaveFilice, @Full_Motion_Pr, or email him at!!! 

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WRUS #53 - Joshua Lombardo - Bottema

WRUS #53 Michael is joined by CEO & Fonder of GoWrench Auto Joshua Lombardo - Bottema. On this episode they discussed “looking within”, the importance of being self aware and more about the entrepreneur game. For more on Josh check him out on social media @Josh Lombardo-Bottema, and @GoWrenchAuto on all social media platforms!!!

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WRUS #52 - Katie McClelland & Andre Grandbois

WRUS #52 Michael is joined by owner of De La Sol Yoga, Katie McClelland and her husband Andre Grandbois who owns his own martial arts gym, Ouroboros BJJ. Together they discuss being mindful, appreciating “the struggle” and different ways we can impact and inspire youth. For more on Katie, Andre and their practises follow their journey on Instagram @andregrandbois, @Ouroborosjj, @katiedelasol & @delasolyoga

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